ARN Industries, MB is engaged in metalworking activities. Quality is an integral part of our core business values and goals. The company invests both human and economic resources to ensure the highest quality and meet customer needs.

Our goals are to provide quality products and services that reflect the needs of our customers.

1. Respectful and equal relationships with customers and suppliers. We continually strive to build reliable and sustainable relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers, as this is of vital importance to our long-term success.
2. Integrity. We always act fairly towards suppliers and customers.
3. Responsibility and management. To achieve our goals, we will continuously exercise responsible management at all levels of the organisation.
4. Teamwork. We will continuously cooperate with strong teams having extensive knowledge of their field to achieve the best results.
5. Continuous improvement. Only continuous improvement and new processes within the company can sustain the competitiveness and growth of the company.

Continuous improvement of the processes:
1. Planning. We have a strong focus on strategic planning to ensure that the quality management system is fully supported throughout the organisation and in all processes that directly or indirectly affect product quality. Works are planned so that we can complete orders on time.
2. Human resources. Only the company continuously investing in the development and motivation of its employees can deliver a high quality product at the lowest possible costs.
3. Processes and equipment. We continuously invest in new processes and equipment to optimise our existing processes and deliver even better quality.
4. Materials. We continuously work with our existing suppliers and also expand their base to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in our company.
5. Environment. We ensure that our equipment, materials and environment meet all environmental requirements, are maintained in a timely manner and do not pose a risk to our employees, customers and the surrounding environment.

ARN Industries, MB is engaged in activities related to the use of raw metals and energy resources.

The company is aware of the importance of environmental protection in everyday life and is therefore fully responsible for its own impact and is committed to the following issues:
1. Allocating human and financial resources to implement environmental protection requirements.
2. Continuously modernising and investing in less harmful and less polluting equipment and products.
3. Continuously reviewing and upgrading environmental management requirements, staying up-to-date with the latest requirements and applying them to all company activities.
4. Reducing pollution and waste wherever possible, as well as conserving natural resources.
5. Complying with all environmental requirements relevant to the company.